Esther & Miriam F.

Sisters & Sponsored Podvocates
Esther has been a Podder® since 2014 & Miriam since 2015

Esther and her sister Miriam describe their personalities as being opposites, but they also have a lot in common. They both live with diabetes, work in the healthcare industry and share a love for horses and barrel racing! Oh, and did we mention they are both passionate about how Omnipod® has changed their lives too? When Esther was diagnosed shortly after her 17th birthday, she was no stranger to diabetes because little sister Miriam had been diagnosed when she was 10. That didn’t make it easy though. Esther recalls feeling grief about her diagnosis through the months and major life events that followed such as graduating and going to university. Esther started on the Omnipod® System in 2014. She wanted a tubeless option for her active lifestyle working with animals and describes the transition from multiple daily injections to Omnipod® as ‘life changing’. For years, Miriam was not convinced she wanted a pump. She waited to see how Esther liked the Omnipod® before taking the plunge herself in 2015, and once she did she never looked back!

Today Esther works as a registered nurse, advocates for diabetes awareness and encourages other PWD (people with diabetes) to live their best life, while being realistic about the lows that T1D can bring. Miriam also works in healthcare as a medical lab assistant. Together they both compete in exciting barrel racing events!

Esther’s motto? She has a few but one of her favourites is ‘You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.’ Thank you for the strength, courage and inspiration you give us Esther and Miriam!

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Esther says: ‘Switching to Omnipod® from injections was absolutely life-changing. Omnipod has given me the freedom to live my life on my own terms and has improved my quality of life as a person living with T1D. I would say at least try it! And give it a good chance. Chances are it will change your life.’
Miriam says: ‘It’s freedom. Freedom to eat. Freedom to be active. Knowing how much insulin I have on board so I can make decisions based on facts instead of guessing.’