Dr. Tricia T

Associate Professor in the UBC Division of Endocrinology

Dr. Tricia Tang is Associate Professor in the UBC Division of Endocrinology and one of the few registered clinical psychologists in Canada with an expertise in type 1 diabetes (T1D).  Her program of research focuses on using digital health strategies to improve mental health among individuals with T1D across the lifespan. Her current JDRF-sponsored research investigation, T1D REACHOUT, is a virtual care platform that delivers peer-led mental health support to adults with T1D living in rural and remote communities. REACHOUT NexGEN, funded by B.C. Children’s Hospital and Research Institute’s Digital Health Research Accelerator Award, translates this platform to adolescents with T1D.  Finally, Dr. Tang leads Huddle4Parents, a digital mental health support intervention for parents of children ages 5-9 living with T1D. With regard to her community service initiatives, Dr. Tang founded the T1D Huddle, a grass roots organization that provides free emotional and peer support to British Columbia’s T1D community (T1Dhuddle.com).