My Self-Guided Transition to Omnipod DASH®

Change is hard, regardless of why it is taking place.

We are naturally wired to respond to ambiguity with hesitation. We are, in a sense, programmed to favour the present. To champion our current situation.

Like most people living with diabetes, I have a routine. Living with diabetes can be unpredictable on the best of days, so those things that I can control are held dear.

My transition from multiple daily injections (MDI), to my first Omnipod® System, was done in my diabetes clinic and with the aid of a team of health care professionals, including a nurse trained to assist with the set up of a pump.

I find wearing a medical device to be such an intimate thing. And I had truly bonded with my insulin pump, and PDM (personal diabetes manger), whom had affectionately been named Otis.

When it came time to transition to the new Omnipod DASH® (during a global pandemic) there was naturally some uncertainty, would I be able to do this on my own?

A Knock on the Door

My entire family was excited for the arrival of the Omnipod DASH. There were so many features to look forward to, like the Pod site tracker and the zero basal rate option. 

But it was also something new and different. It was a change that brought with it several emotions, including fear and grief. I had grown accustomed to the nuances of my old PDM.

The day it arrived, is one I will never forget. The knock on the door. The big box on the doorstep. I brought the box in and headed straight for my office. 

I opened the box up to explore the contents. I set everything out and admired the sleek new design of the PDM. 

Excitement began to take over my apprehension about transitioning from the old system.

Self-Guided Simplicity

Earlier, I had received an email from the Omnipod team with a link to an instructional video. Once I had thoroughly gone through the contents of the box, I set myself up to watch the video and begin my self-guided transition to the new Omnipod DASH System.

I logged in, pressed play, and was instantly put at ease. The self-guided video was comprehensive and easy to follow. 

The training video guides you through the set up of your new Omnipod DASH PDM, and the performance of fundamental tasks like bolusing and adjusting basal rates. It also guides you through the advisory alerts.

Additionally, the online training video distinctly explains the differences between the old system and the new system, as well as the new functions and features. 

Being able to pause the video at key moments during the set-up process allowed me to follow along at my own pace and make sure that I had completed each step correctly.

Simplify your diabetes management with the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System. Watch an overview of the system here.

There are even “knowledge checks” set up throughout to confirm your understanding. 

Those checks were something I truly appreciated, as the little nudges not only confirmed my understanding of the new features but familiarized me with and made me feel more connected to the new PDM. 

Having that connection in place gave me security as I moved forward through the process of setting up my Omnipod DASH.

Making the Switch

All information is presented clearly and builds confidence as you move through each section, offering direction to successfully navigate every step of the initial set up of the PDM. 

The video also guides you through your first Omnipod DASH Pod application.  Even though I was transitioning to the new system on my own, I felt like I had support. And that bolstered my confidence.

Once you reach the end of the video, you have been guided through the initial set up and all the available features, including the advisory alarms and what to do should they appear. Before you exit the course there is a confidence check. You can easily return to any sections you feel you want to review. Once you have completed the course, you return to the home screen where you can download your certificate!

Changing with Confidence

Many people fear change. The element of things unknown is often the biggest hurdle. However, with simplified and manageable steps effective and successful change can occur.

When it came time to transition to the new Omnipod DASH System, I knew I was apprehensive because it was something different. Previous experience told me this was something that required in-person guidance.

Nevertheless, I persisted, something living with diabetes helped me to hone, and was able to successfully switch with the direction of the self-guided online training. I truly felt supported the whole way through.

So, if you are asking, can I transition from the old Omnipod System to the new Omnipod DASH on my own? The answer is: YES – the self-guided instructional video is designed to help you do just that!  And along the way if you need help you can contact Omnipod Customer Care for additional support at 1-855-POD-INFO (763-4636).* Learn more about the Omnipod DASH® by clicking here.

*Before transitioning from the Omnipod® System to Omnipod DASH® please speak with your healthcare professional team to discuss whether virtual training is the best option for you.
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