Standard Supplier Terms

  1. Orders: Orders are placed directly with Insulet by email. Each order must specify, at a minimum: (a) the name of the Products; (b) the quantity of Products; and (c) the delivery address in Australia. Insulet’s acceptance of an order may be tacit and result from the shipment of products. Any modification or cancellation of an order will only be taken into consideration if it has been received in writing before the Products are shipped.
  2. Shipping: Insulet is responsible for shipping costs for standard deliveries, provided that Insulet may charge for any additional shipping and handling costs incurred for expedited Product orders.
  3. Delivery. Insulet organizes the shipping of the products to the place of delivery indicated in the order. The Products are delivered within five (5) business days of a receipt of a valid order, at the applicable delivery address. These delivery terms are given for informational purposes only. Any delay does not give the right to the Client to cancel the sale, to refuse the goods or to claim damages and interests.
  4. Transfer of Ownership. The ownership of and title to the ordered products will be transferred to the Client upon delivery.
  5. Conformity, Reception and Return: In the event of a proven defect in, or non-conformity of, the delivered products, Insulet will provide a free replacement of the products in accordance with its product warranty. In order to receive a free replacement, the Client must complete Insulet’s required form and follow Insulet’s process (such process to be communicated after the Client has notified Insulet of the defect or non-conformity).
  6. Representations and Warranties: Insulet represents that all deliveries conform to the specifications and are in original packaging with appropriate shelf-life. Insulet provides a 4- year warranty for the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) and a Pod warranty of 72-hours from the time of activation, as stated in the product User Guide. Except for the warranties expressly provided in this Agreement or prescribed by mandatory law, Insulet makes no further representations and hereby disclaims any additional warranties for the PDM and the Pods.'