Omnipod® Australia Webinars

Q&A Webinar - Exercise & Diabetes

Hear from Podder® William Goyder on his experience using the Omnipod DASH® System during his endurance swims and day to life. Also joining on the webinar was Rachael Baker, CDE, Rn who provides her perspective on how tubeless delivery systems have helped her patients enjoy an active lifestyle.

Q&A Webinar - Managing My Childs Diabetes

Enjoy this informative Q&A Webinar on managing type 1 diabetes in children.

This webinar covers topics including the waterproof features of the Omnipod DASH System, concerns from a parents perspective on new technology and how Zosia (Mother of Lucy) overcame them. This webinar provides the unique perspective of Zosia, parent of Lucy (AKA "Little Lucy") and her experience on Omnipod DASH System. Lucy Casson Rn, NP, CDE (AKA "Big Lucy") also provides a healthcare professionals perspective around tubeless delivery systems.

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