Getting the most out of a virtual training


Patient safety

Our patient’s safety is paramount. Please ensure that:

☑ A discussion has been had with the patient to ensure that all parties are happy and confident to proceed with a virtual training

☑ The patient has access to the necessary technology that can support audio and video streaming

☑ Virtual training platform has been tested prior to the date of the training

☑ The patient has a quiet environment without distractions

☑ All parties are aware that the training will be halted if there are any concerns about patient safety or in some circumstances if the video link fails

Patient safety

Pre-Pod training proficiencies


Suggested diabetes management topics:

☑ Carbohydrate counting instruction

☑ Blood Glucose self- monitoring (frequency and how to log)

☑ Hypoglycaemia symptoms and treatment:

  • Ketones, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)  
  • Ketone testing supplies

☑ Sick day management

☑ Exercise

☑ Back up supplies

These topics will be re-visited on day of training

Suggested pump therapy concepts:


☑ Basal/bolus therapy

☑ Insulins used in Pod therapy

☑ Suggested bolus calculations 

  • Insulin on board (IOB)
  • Insulin to carbohydrate ratio (insulin sensitivity factor)
  • Correction factor

☑ Target Blood Glucose level

☑ Temporary (temp) basal rates

All of these topics will be re-visited on the day of training


Being prepared


☑ Please establish the Omnipod® Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) settings and share with the patient and the Insulet Clinical Services Manager, using the Omnipod® Settings sheet and/or the available pages in the PodderTM Resource Guide

☑ Advise the patient of any changes they may need to make to their insulin doses prior to the training start date.

☑ Ensure the patient has the correct prescription requirements prior to the training

☑ Advise the patient to create their diasend® account prior to training, as uploading the Omnipod DASHTM Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) directly after training provides a cross check of all settings

 If using the Omnipod DASHTM Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), please ask the patient to insert the lithium battery into the Omnipod DASHTM Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) and charge to 100%. Please phone Customer Care if any support needed 0800 0116132 or +44 20 3887 1709 if calling from abroad. We'll be happy to help you.

The day of training

What is needed for the Omnipod® start:

☑ Virtual meeting invite 

☑ Omnipod® or Omnipod DASHTM PDM starter kit 

☑ Omnipod® or Omnipod DASHTM  System Pods -Please do not open any of the sealed Pods prior to the training

☑ Omnipod® or Omnipod DASHTM PDM settings documented on the Omnipod® settings sheet and/or the PodderTM Resource Guide

☑ Welcome Folder, containing PodderTM Resource Guide and diasend® Guide which will be worked through during the training

☑ 10ml vial of the prescribed rapid acting U-100 insulin

☑ Blood Glucose (BG) meter

☑ BG test strips

☑ Lancing Device and lancets

☑ Ketone testing device and test strips

☑ Hypo treatment

☑ Strong internet connection (Computer, tablet, phone)


We look forward to meeting you all on your training day!

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