Team Omnipod

Life has a lot of moving parts.

Life with type 1 diabetes means more moving parts, like test strips, glucose monitors, and insulin pumps to name a few. And then all those parts have parts!

The mechanisms inside my insulin pump have fascinated me for years.

Type 1 diabetes is a double-edged sword. For most of my life, the word diabetes would make me shudder.  It would make me recall moments of anguish, fear, stress, and a tremendous weight that comes along with a chronic illness. The word diabetes also made me feel completely alone.

David van der Vloet is from Belgium and an avid cyclist and triathlete. He also lives with type 1 diabetes.

You are now among thousands of Podders® around the world! It can be overwhelming to change how you manage your diabetes, but don’t worry, our team is here to help you!