Event Summaries & Reviews

Omnipod® Event Summaries & Reviews

We've created this page to help you stay up to date with any of the key event attendances and opinion pieces that discuss the benefits of Omnipod DASH® System. From new Omnipod related data presentation, to the thoughts of your fellow Australian Healthcare Professionals the event summaries & reviews page is the place to be.

Event Summaries

NEW: ADC 2023 Summary!

With over 230 people listening eagerly to the words of Dr Emma Wilmot, Dr Audrey Kong and Dr Ben Nash, the Omnipod Breakfast Symposium was a highlight for many in attendance.

Australasian Diabetes Congress 2022

The Insulet Breakfast Symposium kicked off the congress on Monday the 8th at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was an exciting start to an all face-to-face event, with many people keen to get together, network and catch up. Over 300 Registrations to the Insulet Breakfast Symposium saw...

Reviews & Opinion Pieces

Article Review: Commissariat et al, 2017

Read Lucy Casson RN, CDE, MA (Nursing) piece summarising “Insulin Pump Use in Young Children with Type 1 Diabetes: Sociodemographic Factors and Parent-Reported Barriers” (Commissariat et al, 2017) where she covers the role technology plays and how to reduce the barrier of unconscious HCP bias.

Why is choice important?

A moving opinion piece written by Cheryl Steele RN-CDE providing her thoughts around why choice needs to play such a vital role in technology selection and the financial barriers that were associated with Omnipod DASH® prior to it's subsidy.