Summary: Australasian Diabetes Congress 2023


The Insulet Breakfast Symposium kicked off the congress on Wednesday 23rd August at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Over 230 delegates attended the Insulet Breakfast Symposium resulting in a packed room with standing room only causing the venue to close the doors.

The title of the session was ‘Omnipod® Supporting Choice for Diabetes Technology and Improving Outcomes’. The speakers did not disappoint.

Dr Emma Wilmot, Associate Professor, University of Nottingham, UK, and Consultant Diabetologist, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS is recognised for her leadership as the founder of DTN-UK and is well published in areas of Diabetes and technology. Dr Wilmot provided a thought-provoking session on ‘Supporting Pump Selection and Innovation Designed to Enable Choice’.

Some of the key messages in her presentation included:

  • HCPs should aim to remove hurdles to starting a Pump.
  • Unconscious bias hinders technology uptake.
  • There are many considerations when choosing a Pump including personal preferences and why choice is important.

Dr Wilmot also covered Omnipod® Data from the UK audit and detailed the Omnipod® Systems available including Omnipod® 5 which is now available in the UK and USA.

Dr Audrey Kong is an Endocrinology Fellow with the University of Melbourne and DTRG. Following from last year’s presentation by Prof David O’Neal, Dr Audrey Kong presented the results of the Australian randomised controlled trial 12-week data. The study titled ‘Treatment Satisfaction of Omnipod DASH® versus Usual Care in Adults with Type 1 diabetes in Australia’, is the only RCT utilising validated tools for patient reported outcomes with Omnipod DASH®.

The results are positive including:
Compared with Usual care (MDI / CSII) Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System was associated with overall positive impact:

  • Greater treatment satisfaction
  • Better overall usability
  • Less diabetes distress
  • Potentially improved glycaemic management
  • Similar sleep quality and no increase in fear of hypoglycaemia

A thematic analysis of semi structured interviews conducted at the end of the 12 weeks described the following results:

  • 84% wanted to continue using Omnipod DASH® System
  • 95% would recommend it to others with T1D

Dr Ben Nash is an Endocrinology Fellow at the Austin Hospital. Dr Nash presented the person reported outcomes collected from our Australian Podders. The presentation titledOmnipod DASH: Australian Insights and Real-world Experiences’ gave us a picture of outcomes that Australian Podders are experiencing including self-reported HbA1c, and reported benefits experienced since commencement of Omnipod DASH® after 3 months. In addition, insights into why people choose Omnipod DASH® was also shared.

He concluded the following:

  • Use of the Omnipod DASH® over 3 months was associated with improvement in self-reported glycaemic outcomes.
  • Reported HbA1c improved by -0.6% ± 0.9% over 3 months of Omnipod DASH® use.
  • Tubeless delivery was the primary reason for switching to Omnipod DASH®
  • Participants who switched to Omnipod DASH® reported simplified management of their T1D, less diabetes burden and quality of life benefits.

 Dr Nash’s lived experience with Type 1 diabetes has fostered a passion for diabetes technology and how it will shape future care. He shared his and his family’s personal experience with T1D and the difference Tubeless Pod Therapy has made to him. 

We thank him for his honesty and humour which resonated with the audience and gave a very human touch to the session.   

 We thank all the wonderful speakers for their time and expertise.

The Insulet Australia team committed to donate $20 to Insulin For Life or JDRF, for tasks completed on the virtual Personal Diabetes Manager on the Insulet Booth. The Insulet Australia team raised $4,960 for these important charities.

The Omnipod® booth was very busy throughout the congress, celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the Insulet Australia launch with Pod shaped chocolate pods. The Insulet team were busy providing demos of the product and discussing how patients can benefit from Omnipod DASH® System.

We look forward  to next year’s Congress  and sharing new updates and interesting topics.