Omnipod DASH® System Personal Upgrade Programme

Omnipod DASH® System Personal Upgrade Programme*

Insulet is delighted to announce that the Personal Upgrade Programme will run from 10th November 2020 until and including 9th November 2021, Omnipod® Insulin Management System users who started on the Omnipod® System before the 1st October 2019 may be able to upgrade to the Omnipod DASH® System by self-paying £298.80 including VAT (£249 excluding VAT) for the Omnipod DASH® Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) Kit§ if their Healthcare Professional (HCP) authorises treatment initiation with the Omnipod DASH® System but declines NHS funding of the Omnipod DASH® PDM Kit. The upgrade is conditional on the HCP responsible for the users' diabetes treatment agreeing for the NHS to bear the recurring cost of Omnipod DASH® Pods.

The Omnipod DASH® PDM

A modern, intuitive touch-screen with additional features to the Omnipod® System PDM including:

  • Zero basal rates

  • Insulin to Carb ratio of 0.1g per unit of insulin

  • Pod-site Tracker
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology communication to the Pod
◊At start-up, the Pod and Personal Diabetes Manager must be adjacent and touching. During normal operation, the Personal Diabetes Manager must be within 1.5 metres of the Pod.

INTERESTED…what next?

If you are interested, please speak to your diabetes Healthcare Professional to assess your suitability for the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System and whether the Personal Upgrade Programme is available for you. 

* The Personal Upgrade Programme will run from 10th November 2020 until and including 9th November 2021  and is subject to the HCP responsible for a users' diabetes treatment agreeing to participate. If a HCP agrees for an Omnipod® System user to avail of the Personal Upgrade Programme, the HCP and user will have to complete the order form provided by Insulet. Insulet will then send the user an Agreement for the Purchase of an Omnipod DASH® PDM Kit. Upon receipt of the signed Agreement Insulet will contact the Omnipod® System user and arrange payment by credit card using Worldpay. Upon payment confirmation, the Omnipod DASH® PDM Kit will be sent to the user within 3 to 5 business days and the next scheduled shipment of Pods will be Omnipod DASH® Pods. Users are entitled to cancel the Omnipod DASH® PDM Kit orders within 14 days from receipt, and must return the Omnipod DASH® PDM Kit to Insulet within 14 days from the date Omnipod DASH® PDM Kit order is cancelled. If the Omnipod DASH® PDM Kit is returned unopened, in its original packaging, and within the aforementioned period, Insulet will provide a refund for the Omnipod DASH® PDM Kit within 14 days of receiving the product back. Order cancellations must be done using the cancellation form provided by Insulet.
†People with diabetes do not have to pay VAT for this product in the UK. Insulet will provide a VAT exemption form along with the Agreement for the purchase of a PDM Kit for the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System. Price includes delivery costs.

‡First shipment of Omnipod DASH® Pods is subject to the user having purchased the Omnipod® DASH® PDM. Omnipod DASH® Pods will then be shipped in accordance to current delivery schedules to avoid Pod wastage.

§ Includes a Personal Diabetes Manager, soft case, Gel skin, USB micro cable, User Guide, 1 electronic adapter and 1 lithium battery.

All screen images are examples and are for illustrative purposes only.