Starting a Patient
on Omnipod®

Preparing your patient for Omnipod®

Discuss the benefits of Omnipod® with your patient using some of the many resources available.

Encourage your patient to attend a Pod Therapy 101 informational session and explore our Omnipod® video library for more details.

Your Omnipod® representative can provide you with a product demo to share with patients.

Required Forms

When ready to start, direct your patients to the Omnipod® patient website to complete and submit the Patient Information Form (PIF)

After submitting the short form, patients will be connected with our team of Omnipod® Specialists who will work with their insurance provider to determine coverage and next steps.

Streamlined Reimbursement

Insulet will check your patient’s coverage (public and/or private) and identify and request the necessary forms to complete for reimbursement (Insulet will follow up and alert you to any forms requiring your input or signature).


Your patient will receive training from a Certified Pod Trainer (CPT). This trainer can be part of your clinic staff or Insulet can assign one. Insulet organizes patient training and follow-up with the CPT to ensure a smooth and safe patient start to Omnipod®. Insulet can support you and your team with all necessary resources to support both virtual and in-person prep, training, and post-training follow up.

Glooko® Data Management

Once your patient has started, they can upload their Omnipod® data to Glooko® and provide you with access.