We have heard from many of you regarding your interest in the Omnipod DASH System. We are thrilled at this response and can’t wait to help simplify diabetes management for you and your loved ones! Here is an update on the Omnipod DASH System and answers to some of the community’s most frequently asked questions.

Questions about the Omnipod DASH System

What is the Omnipod DASH System?

The Omnipod DASH System is a tubeless, wearable insulin pump that holds up to 200 units of insulin and delivers continuous insulin therapy1 through customizable basal rates and bolus amounts. The system consists of the Pod, which is a waterproof2 insulin pump worn on-body, and the Omnipod DASH Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), which is a handheld device used to wirelessly3 control the Pod. The Omnipod DASH PDM has a modern touch-screen interface that is simple, colourful, and intuitive.

The Omnipod DASH System includes the following features:

  • Discreet, tubeless, waterproof2 Pod
  • Customizable basal insulin profile and Bolus Calculator
  • Intuitive graphical displays
  • Insulet Provided diasend® can be used with the Omnipod DASH System
Which Blood Glucose Meters (BGM) or Continual Glucose Monitors (CGM) can be used with the Omnipod DASH System?
  • The Omnipod DASH System is not restricted to exclusive use with any CGM system or BGM. There is no integrated functionality with CGM, however, the Omnipod DASH System allows the User to manually input their Blood Glucose (BG) reading from any BGM or CGM device of their choice.
  • Users can manually enter BG readings from any BGM they choose to use. After entering BG readings, the User can choose to save the entered BG value in their history or add it to the Omnipod DASH PDM Bolus Calculator to deliver a bolus. Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and users can see the CGM and insulin data together using the diasend® Data Management System.
Does the Omnipod DASH System allow you to program a Zero Basal Rate?

Yes, with the Omnipod DASH System you will be able to programme a 0.0 U/hr basal rate.

What is the size of the Omnipod DASH PDM?

The Omnipod DASH PDM is slim smartphone-like technology with a 10.16 cm (4-inch) screen and thickness of 1cm. The Omnipod DASH PDM is also lightweight, weighing in at 106g.

What does Bluetooth® wireless technology mean as it relates to the Omnipod DASH System?

Bluetooth® wireless technology enables connectivity between the Omnipod DASH System PDM and Pod.

Is the Omnipod DASH PDM waterproof? Is the Pod still waterproof?

The Omnipod DASH PDM is not waterproof. The Pod is still waterproof with an IP28 waterproof rating for up to 7.6 meters for 60 minutes.

Can I still dispose of the Omnipod DASH System Pods like the old ones?

You can still use the Eco-Pod Disposal Program for your used DASH Pods.

Can I take the Omnipod DASH PDM through the x-ray machine at the airport?
  • The Omnipod DASH PDM and Pods can be treated in the same way as the Omnipod System PDM and Pods at the airport. It is safe to go through the x-ray machine and the Pods are safe to be worn through airport scanners.
  • Further Tips for Travelling with the Omnipod DASH System are available in the Omnipod DASH System Podder Resource Guide.
What are the main differences between the new Omnipod DASH System and the current Omnipod® System?
  • The Omnipod DASH PDM has a modern, touch-screen interface that is lightweight, simple, colourful and intuitive.
  • The design of the new interface has been led by user-experience to optimize navigation and displays.
  • The Omnipod DASH System features connectivity using Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • The Omnipod DASH PDM is smartphone-like technology where users can easily enter manual BG readings from any BGM they chose to use.
  • There are some added features such as being able to program a zero basal rate, set fractional insulin to carb ratios, and track Pod site-locations, with the new Omnipod DASH System.
What languages is the Omnipod DASH PDM available in?

The Omnipod DASH PDM will be available in multiple languages.

My current Omnipod System is in warranty - if I have an issue with it that is covered under warranty, will you replace it with an Omnipod DASH™ PDM?

If your current Omnipod System is in-warranty and you experience an issue or fault that is eligible for replacement, Insulet will replace it with the same version of the Omnipod System you are currently using, not the Omnipod DASH System. For information on how to obtain the Omnipod DASH System, please contact an Omnipod Representative at 1-855-POD-INFO (763-4636).

Will I be able to upgrade my current Omnipod System to the new Omnipod DASH System?
For more information and full details around the upgrade program for current in-warranty Omnipod System users please contact the Omnipod Customer Care Team at 1-855-POD-INFO (763-4636).
Will my current Omnipod System Pods work with the new Omnipod DASH System?

No, the Omnipod System Pods will not be compatible with the Omnipod DASH System. The Omnipod DASH System Pods have a blue needle cap and updated Pod label for differentiation. In addition, the current Omnipod System PDM will not be compatible with the Omnipod DASH System Pods.

How can you guarantee the correct Pods are supplied with the Omnipod DASH PDM?
  • Omnipod DASH Pods have a blue needle cap, an updated Pod label, and a unique part number to accurately differentiate them from other Pod generations.
  • Our ordering and supply system is set up to ensure Omnipod System users and Omnipod DASH System users receive correct Pod supplies.
  • The Omnipod DASH Pods and Omnipod DASH PDM are not compatible with the current Omnipod System.
Is the Omnipod DASH System Pod the same size as the current Omnipod System Pod?

Yes, the Omnipod DASH System Pod is the same size as the current Omnipod System Pod. The Omnipod System and the Omnipod DASH System are not compatible - you cannot use Pods from one system with the other.

Does the Omnipod DASH System Pod hold more or less insulin?

The Omnipod DASH System Pod will be able to hold up to 200 units of U-100 insulin, same as the current Omnipod System Pod.

Does the Omnipod DASH System Pod still provide up to three days worth of Insulin?

Yes. The Omnipod DASH System provides up to 72 hours of continuous insulin delivery.

Will the current Omnipod System be discontinued?

At this time the existing Omnipod System will not be discontinued. Users may continue to enjoy the Omnipod System they are on today. Users do not need to switch to the Omnipod DASH System once it becomes available and may continue to use and obtain Pods as they do today with the existing Omnipod System.

Can the Omnipod DASH PDM data be uploaded to a data management system?

Yes. You will be able to upload the data from your Omnipod DASH System to the diasend® Data Management System.

  1. Up to 72 hours of insulin delivery
  2. The Pod has a waterproof IP28 rating for up to 7.6 meters for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof
  3. At start-up, the Pod and Personal Diabetes Manager must be adjacent and touching. During normal operation, the Personal Diabetes Manager must be within 1.5 meters of the Pod.