Consider Pod therapy—and say goodbye to needles and pens.

If you need insulin daily to manage your Type 2 diabetes, you might discover a whole new level of freedom with the Omnipod® System or the Omnipod DASH™ System. Instead of dealing with the interruptions and inconvenience of multiple daily injections, you could manage your insulin with a tubeless Pod that you can wear under your clothing and that provides you with up to 72 hours of continuous insulin.

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Today, thousands of people with Type 2 diabetes are using Pod therapy to help them manage their insulin needs.

Talk to your doctor and ask about the benefits of the Omnipod® Systems. And if you'd like to see what wearing a Pod feels like—as opposed to 14 injections* every three days—request a free demo Pod and give it a try.

Before you know it, you'll have a whole new way to manage your insulin—and a lot more freedom from the challenges of your Type 2 diabetes.

8 Questions You Need To Ask Your Doctor

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*Average number of injections required every 3 days (MDI: ~4.5 per day)